DHS Key Club

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Serving Home, School, and Community...

On the Eastern Shore, there are unbelievable amounts of service opportunities.  Brooke Greene(Co-Pres.) has all of the info that you need to sign up! Contact her at [email protected] If you wish to bring a service opportunity to the club's attention, tell Brooke or bring it up at one of the bi-weekly WEDNESDAY meetings! Remember, as a member, you are required to acquire TWENTY FIVE service hours per semester. Meetings are held in Mrs. Dabney's room.  Thanks again!

Service Opportunities:

The Club is helping to raise money for a local police officer diagnosed with ALS. See an officer for more info! 


Held in Mrs. Dabney's room on Wednesday, September 10.

Meeting begins at 7:15AM

The Key Club will be sponsoring a themed blood drive on September 16!

The theme has yet to be determined and the Blood Drive committee is open to all ideas. Thanks!